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Briticism n : an expression that is limited to English as spoken by Englishmen (especially as contrasted with American English) [syn: Anglicism, Britishism]

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A briticism (or britishism) is a word, phrase, idiom, or expression peculiar to the English language as spoken chiefly in Great Britain and/or the United Kingdom. Sometimes, this can also refer to a particular usage of a term (see List of words having different meanings in American and British English) spoken both in the United States and Britain which is regarded as chiefly British, or, simply, any characteristic of the English language which is considered primarily British. Sometimes, briticisms will become more widely spoken in other dialects of the English language over time, and even, in some cases, become completely universal.
The term "briticism" itself, a neologism, is regarded as an "americanism", and is not commonly heard outside the United States and Canada.
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